Blocklupy 2013: englische Pressereaktionen

Some media reports in English

Thousands blockade European Central Bank in Frankfurt:
Anti-austerity protests held across Europe:
Echoes of the crisis:

02.06.13: Blockupy paralyzes Frankfurt for second year in a row. By Peter Storm: (also in ZNet)
01.06.13: Across Europe, People ‘Rising Up’ Againt Austerity and the ‘Profiteers of Crisis’. Street demonstrations in Germany, Spain, Portugal and elsewhere call for end of failed policies. By Jon Queally:

01.06.13: Frankfurt ‘Blockupy’ protesters clash with police:
01.06.13: Frankfurt riot police charge into marching Blockupy activists, scuffle with protesters:

31.05.13: Anti-Capitalism Blockupy Blockades Banks In Frankfurt, Revolution Feared:
31.05.13: Anti-Capitalist Protest: ‘Blockupy’ Surrounds ECB in Frankfurt:
31.05.13: ‘Masters of Austerity’ Targeted as Blockupy Activists Shut Down European Central Bank. ‘The aim of this blockade is to prevent normal operations’ at powerful institution headquarters in Frankfurt. By Jon Queally:
31.05.13: Thousands blockade European Central Bank in Frankfurt:

Today’s Zaman (Turkey): (Reuters)
Turkish Weekly – Protesters clash for second day in Frankfurt:

Germany: clashes at Blockupy protest in Frankfurt: 3.6.13:


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